Amazon Alexa app now available in India ahead of Echo launch

Amazon Alexa ranks among the best personal assistants out there. Alexa marks Amazon’s first step into virtual helper segment where Apple and Microsoft have their own ground. Amazon Alexa works perfectly with Amazon Echo, allowing users to play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, and much more. The company has been working pretty hard to improve its personal assistant and expand Alexa’s support to more devices and markets.

There have been a lot of rumors hinting at a possible release of Amazon Echo in India. Amazon today took a big step to achieve that goal when the company launched the Alexa app in the country. According to Amazon, Android users can download the Alexa app from the Google Play Store in India starting today.

Tech experts say that Amazon’s today move helps the company step up preparations for the official release of its home speaker, Echo in India. The Alexa app allows users in the country to check their playing music and keep up with the latest happenings in India. Sources say that the app also allows users to create India-specific skills. To accomplish this goal, Amazon teamed up with local companies, like Sportskeeda, Syska, and Time of India.

When it comes to music, the app allows users to access Amazon Music, Saavn, and TuneIn. However, Amazon Music is not working at launch. It seems that Amazon needs more time to make sure everything runs smoothly.

According to Amazon, users need to set up their Echo smart speaker from the scratch if they want to access India-specific skills. Besides, users also need to switch their residence to India and select English (India) during the setup.

Amazon is still working on improving the app in the country. Tech experts say that the company will soon launch Amazon Tap in the country in an attempt to compete with other smart speakers.

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