Apple Maps transit directions launch in Phoenix, AZ and Birmingham, AL

Apple Maps ranks among the best mapping services out there. Apple has been working on improving its own mapping service since the launch day in an attempt to take on Google Maps. The Cupertino company has been rolling out transit information feature to more cities worldwide recently. Back in April, Apple Maps transit info launched in the city of Paris, allowing iPhone owners to navigate with public transportation.

Apple Maps has been updated with transit data for Phoenix (Arizona), and Birmingham (Alabama) in the US. With Transit Info, iPhone users can easily navigate through the cities using public means of transportation like buses and railways. According to Apple, transit data in Apple Maps allows users to access a wide range of railways and bus lines in the city of Phoenix and surrounding areas like Tempe, Mesa, and Glendale.

In the Birmingham, Alabama, Apple Maps now supports the MAX Transit buses, allowing iPhone users to easily navigate through the city. Transit information also includes support for Montgomery and Huntsville. Apple is expected to bring transit information support to more countries at the end of the year, including Norway, Finland, and Denmark. However, the release date remains unknown.

Apple Maps transit support is rolling out slowly worldwide. In May, Apple launched Apple Maps transit directions in the Netherlands. Transit directions allows iPhone users to easily navigate the Netherlands thanks to a wide support for bus routes, trams, and ferries.

Back in February, Apple Maps transit directions launched in Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, allowing those living in and travelling to those cities to easily head to their desired locations thanks to integration with the SMART and DDOT buses and the Detroit People Mover.

In the Windsor, Ontario, Canada, iPhone users can easily access the Transit Windsor bus lines running through the city. Besides, Apple Map transit directions also support public transportation in some Essex suburbs.

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