Apple to remove Qualcomm components from its line of iPhones

Apple has been in a legal battle with Qualcomm for months. Earlier this month, the American chip manufacturer filed lawsuits in China in an attempt to stop Apple from selling and manufacturing its mighty iPhone models in the country. According to recent reports, China ranks among the most important markets of Apple, as it made up more than 20 percent of Apple’s smartphone sales last year.

The legal battle started to heat up back in September, as Qualcomm filed a lawsuit in the Beijing intellectual property court over patent infringement. Back in January, Apple accused Qualcomm of driving up patent licensing fees. The fight is getting more intense and seems to never come to an end.

Apple is stepping up preparations for life without Qualcomm in the next few years. According to some recent reports, the Cupertino company is planning to remove Qualcomm-related chips from its iPhone, instead adopting modem chips from Intel and MediaTek in future iPhone models.

The American chip maker was once Apple’s sole supplier of LTE modems used in the company’s iPhone models. Last year, Intel joined Apple’s supply chains to provide LTE chips for iPhone models. Apple stopped paying licensing fees to Qualcomm and decided to sue the American company for billions of dollars over false accusations.

In July 6, Qualcomm asked the United States government to block imports of some iPhone and iPad models. Apple says that the company hopes to settle with Qualcomm and continues to use Qualcomm’s chips in future iPhone models.

Tech experts say that Apple and Qualcomm may come to an agreement that sees both work together in the next few years. Dropping Qualcomm components may cost Apple billions of dollars, as the Cupertino company will need to invest heavily in producing its own chips used in future iPhone models.

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