Google rolls out Chrome 62 update for Android devices

Google Chrome is currently the most used web browsing platform out there, accounting for more than 50 percent market share. Google has been working pretty hard to improve its own web browser for years in an attempt to retain its number one position and compete with other browsers.

Google regularly rolls out new updates to Chrome to fix bugs and improve user experience. The biggest search engine on Earth has recently released Chrome version 62 for Android-based smartphones following months of beta testing.

The new update aims to fix some security vulnerabilities found in the previous version while adding some visual changes to the platform. According to Google, Chrome 62 is the best-optimized version ever released to Android devices, taking up less RAM and improving performance on low-end devices.

Google says that Chrome 62 includes fixes for a severe security issue, known as Krack Wi-Fi that allows hackers to access users’ personal information through a Wi-Fi network. Last month, a researcher discovered a serious security issue called KRACK, which exploited a vulnerability of the WPA2 encryption protocol to read users ‘information. Google recommended users updated their routers and Wi-Fi devices to fix the issue. However, nothing worked, so Google quickly rolled out an update that patches the vulnerability.

The new update also brings some changes to notifications and interactions, making them more visually appealing. Google says that Chrome users now can zoom legacy apps in Chrome 62 on Android tablets, which is pretty impressive. The update also brings with an enhanced touch experience for the Files app and support for full-screen apps in Enterprise Public Session mode.

According to Google, the new update will be rolling out to Android users worldwide over the next few days. Tech experts say that the update is specifically designed for Android devices. It remains unclear if the update will hit Window-based and macOS computers.

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