Skype for Android hits one billion downloads on the Google Play Store

Skype ranks among the best messaging apps out there. Skype has been Microsoft’s main focus for years, with the introduction of new features and performance improvements. In short, Skype allows users to make voice calls, video chat, send and receive text messages, as well as exchange digital documents.

Microsoft’s messaging app has been available on mobile phone for years and receives mostly positive reviews from users and tech experts worldwide. Microsoft has been working on improving its Skype app since the day one and it seems that their effort has been paid off.

According to Microsoft, Skype for Android officially hits one billion downloads on the Google Play Store, making it one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. However, it remains unclear how many downloads the app has on the Apple App Store.

Tech experts say that Skype has a lot of users on Android and hits tons of downloads every day. According to market researchers, Skype for Android will attract more users in the coming months and hit 1.2 billion users worldwide. This may help the app stand in line with other popular messaging apps out there like WhatsApp and Messenger.

Skype has seen a strong growth in recent years. Back in 2015, Skype announced that its Android app officially surpassed 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store. This means that the number of downloads doubled in only two years, which is pretty impressive.

According to tech experts, Skype for Android may hit 2 billion downloads by the end of 2019, making it the most used messaging app in the world. Microsoft says that the company will continue to roll out updates for Skype on all platforms.

With a user base of one billion, Skype joins WhatsApp and Messenger in one billion user club. Skype was acquired by Microsoft back in 2011 for $8.5 billion, and the app reaches one billion users in only 6 six years.

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